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Military Documents Found During North Loup Library Revitalization

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Claudia Morgan and Linda Markvicka hold military documents recently found at the North Loup Library.

´╗┐By Lisa Fischer

   Certificates, over 98-years-old,  from 12 veterans regarding their military service were recently discovered by volunteers donating their time to spruce up the local library.

   While volunteers organized the 900-square-foot library they noted 12 documents, dated 1921, with the names of Alvie Hogue, George Larkin, Raymond Fullmer, Anton Pawleska, Edward Burrie, John Frank, August Soucek, Oliver Fox, Frank Anderson, Henry Black, James Eyerly and Archie Stillman, that were signed by Nebraska Governor Samuel McKelvie. Even though none of the aforementioned veterans are buried at Hillside Cemetery, it is likely they were drafted or enlisted in the military in North Loup. The documents highlighting those mentioned being chosen for military service were found in the back room where four computers are available for public use from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

   “We’ve been finding a lot of interesting stuff over the past year,” said North Loup Library Volunteer Linda Markvicka. “We began in the winter of 2018 by weeding out books to make room for ones that would interest our patrons.”

   She and volunteers like Claudia Morgan, Dennis Linke and Jesslyn Weiner began revamping the village’s library by adding the copyright date on the spine of every book. Markvicka said the choice to add the copyright date came when she noticed patrons checking out books in a series and getting sidetracked when they chose the last in a series instead of the first.

   “We want to make our patrons happy,” Markvicka added. “If it’s something we can manage, we do it.”

   When volunteers began moving and weeding out books they relied upon facility’s patrons to help. While many books no longer vital to the library’s collection are placed on a shelf in the hall of the North Loup Community Center, others are being set aside for children visiting Santa next month. During the Dec. 21 Lions Club Roller Skating Party, both Santa and a collection of children’s books will be available for patrons to enjoy.

   New books can be ordered upon request. Markvicka said while many prefer to come to the facility to browse, others find an up-to-date list of available books and digital copies of the North Loup Loyalist online at If community members do not have a personal computer, they are encouraged to visit the library where the back room has several available for public use. Wireless internet is also available at the library for those in need of a hotspot for their electronic devices.

   Even though volunteers are weeding out books, that are no longer relevant to patrons, they will retain the classics written by icons like Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Nebraska authors like Willa Cather and so many more. The library’s up-to-date collection is available, free of charge, to anyone interested. Those interested in learning more about the library are encouraged to stop in during business hours, visit their website, call 308-496-4230 or stop in this winter when the refurbishment is complete.

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