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New Coordinator For Junk Jaunt® Takes Over

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Former Junk Jaunt® Coordinator Dianne Wiberg (l) and new Coordinator Stacie Roblyer (r) are busy gearing up for the upcoming 2024 Junk Jaunt® event. Potential vendors are encouraged to register early to take full advantage of the benefits being an official vendor provides. 

By Kate Wolf
   It’s been said that “if you’re looking for something specific, you can always find it during Junk Jaunt®”. It’s not too soon to start thinking about Junk Jaunt® 2024, Nebraska’s original, long-distance yard sale. This year marks 21 years the event has featured more than 300 miles of food, fun, antiques, vintage collectibles and much more. The annual event has officially become a phenomenon and shoppers come from across the nation with many who even plan their vacations around it.
   This year, Dianne Wiberg, who has assisted with Junk Jaunt® since 2008 and served as Executive Coordinator since 2015, will be handing over the reins of leadership and assisting in the transition of new Coordinator Stacie Roblyer. The 46 year old Roblyer was born and raised in Burwell, graduated from Burwell High School in 1996, and continues to reside there with her three beloved dogs, Quincy, Leia, and Hope. She became widowed in August of 2022 after caring for her husband, Jason, and now feels ready to take on the challenges of Junk Jaunt®.
   “This is a perfect fit for me,” Roblyer explained. “I feel fortunate to have discovered this opportunity. I’m excited about working for Junk Jaunt®. I love talking to people.” She was formerly Program Administrator for the Burwell Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau for nine years. “I love the fact that it brings so many people into rural communities,” she added.
   Junk Jaunt® will be held Sept. 27-29 and while that might seem like a long way off, vendors have already begun to sign up. There were 603 official Junk Jaunt® vendors last year. The deadline to register is Aug. 1 and the $25 fee gets you a number in the coveted Shopper Guide book, signs, a book of your own, as well as the benefits of any pre-event publicity. At least 1,000 Shopper Guides are sent out across the nation from California to Maine.
   It’s important to note that Junk Jaunt® is a legal trade name and cannot be used or appropriated by anyone not officially registered as a vendor. Having the same colored sign does not make you a Junk Jaunt® vendor.
   With that in mind, there are a few things potential vendors may need to know. Junk Jaunt® is a nonprofit organization dependent solely on the advertisers and businesses that appear in the Shopper Guide with the funds being used to market the event. Those rates have not increased. Only the pre-orders to purchase the Shopper Guide have risen slightly due to the costs of postage.
   There is more to the story! Pick up the April 10 issue of The Ord Quiz.


Nebraska’s New Voter ID Law

   Statewide Primary Election on May 14, 2024 is the first election requiring voter ID.

   What ID Can I Use To Vote? • Nebraska driver’s license/state ID • Passport, military ID, tribal ID • Hospital, assisted living facility or nursing home record • Nebraska political subdivision ID (State, county, city , school, etc.) • Nebraska college or university ID. Valid ID mush have name and photo. Valid ID can be expired.

   What If I Forget My ID? You will fill out a provisional ballot. For your ballot to count, you will need to present a valid photo ID to your county election office on or before the Tuesday after the election.

   What If I Can’t Afford An ID? You can get a free state ID for voting from the DMV. If you were born in Nebraska and need your birth certificate to get a free state ID, you can get a free certified copy of your birth certificate from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. A birth certificate is not a valid form of photo ID.

   What If I Can’t Get An ID? If you have a reasonable impediment you can complete a certification instead of presenting valid photo ID. Reasonable impediments are: Inability to obtain a valid ID due to: Disability or illness, lack of birth certificate or other required documents or religious objection to being photographed.

   Contact your county election office or the Secretary of State’s Office for more information.

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