Ord High School Competes at Fall

NSeSA State Esports Tournament

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PICTURED (l-r): Coach Jesse Rosberg, Samuel Burkholder who placed fifth and Dylan Rogers who was the Nebraska State Champion in Division 3 - Super Smash Brothers.

   Five students from Ord High School qualified for the Fall NSeSA State Esports tournament. The tournament was held at Hastings College on Nov. 18 and 19, 2022. Samuel Burkholder placed fifth and Dylan Rogers earned State Championship trophy in Division  3 – Super Smash Brothers.

   What is eSports? eSports turns online gaming into a spectator sport. It mimics the experience of watching a professional sporting event, except instead of watching a physical event, spectators watch video gamers compete against each other. The eSports trend has become so widespread in recent years that games can often be viewed at an organized arena event. As with traditional sports, these games are broken down into competitive leagues and tournaments.

   Key takeaways: • eSports refers to a relatively new class of spectator entertainment involving all genres of video gaming. •  The genre sprung up in the 1990s but gained prominence in the late 2010s. • eSports today is a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. (Ref. investopedia.com/terms/e/esports.asp)

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