Ord FCCLA Chapter News

   The Ord FCCLA Chapter had a very exciting and successful 2019-20 year. Ord FCCLA Chapter officers included: Vickie Ference and Emma Cline, Co-Presidents; Arian Moser, Secretary and Hannah Herron, Chapter Representative. Emma also served as the District 9 Secretary and attended district meetings.

   This year, the group enjoyed attending the District Leadership Conference in Ainsworth, NE and the Fall Leadership Workshop in Kearney, NE. Chapter officers also attended the National Fall Conference this year in Dallas, TX, where they attended keynote speaker and leadership sessions and toured some of Dallas’ best attractions. The members were busy during the month of October, organizing the annual FCCLA Halloween Parade for children of the community. Along with that, the group enjoyed having a booth for Ord Elementary’s Family Literacy Night and planning a fun week of activities for National FCCLA Week, which included wearing official dress to school for a day and promoting FCCLA to the community.     

   Everyone in the group worked on completing a National Power of One Project during the monthly meetings. In January, Emma attended the District 9 Students Taking Action for Recognition (STAR) event in West Holt, NE, where she received a silver medal for her Job Interview Event. Unfortunately, with this year being cut short, the group was unable to attend the Nebraska FCCLA State Conference. Regardless, Ord FCCLA applied for and received a Bronze Chapter Award, recognizing all their hard work and leadership efforts throughout the year. Also receiving state awards were: Hannah Herron, Best FCCLA Friend Award and Advisor Kathy Knapp received the Advisor Commited to Excellence Award.

Ord Summer Baseball 2020

   There will be Ord summer baseball leagues, based on guidelines we have to follow. These guidelines can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/s/hn7gy2de7efaqhv/Baseball%20Softball%20Guidelines%205.11.20.pdf?dl=0.

TBall (PreK-1st) - Cancelled

Coach Pitch (2nd-4th) - City League Only - Will not travel

Pee Wee (5th-6th) - Two Teams in League -possible travel to Greeley

Pony (7th-8th) - League - Will Travel - Sites to be determined

Legion (Juniors and Seniors) - Possible Season - Will Travel - Sites to be determined

     If you have already signed up for this year we will be in contact with you. If you haven't signed  up yet, go to https://www.leaguelineup.com/login.asp?url=ordbaseball.

     There will be no charge to play this year. Any payment made at early sign up will be credited towards next year or refunded.  If you have signed up and choose not to play or need more information, please contact Joanne Wells 308-750-6662 or Gary Hinrichs 308-730-0094 for Coach Pitch through Pony or Zach Goodrich 402-680-1222 for Legion.

Ord Township Library Virtual Summer Reading Program June 1 - July 31

   The Ord Township Library has come up with creative ways to keep you involved in your library, keep your brains working, have opportunities for a ton of fun and also have a chance to win some really awesome prizes!

   Do you have preschool to sixth grade children that want to participate in the Summer Reading Program (SRP)? If Yes:

  Step #1: Download Reader Zone App on your phone or computer at readerzone.com. NOTE: If you do not have access to a phone or a computer with internet, a paper journal can still be created to track your reading. Contact the library to set this up.

    Step #2: Enter The Reader Zone code for Ord Township Library: 78702.

  Step #3: Parents – Please sign up as a PARENT account so you can put multiple children in one account and there will be adult verification of children’s reading time.

   Step #4: Sign your child/children into a group based on the grade they have just completed.

   Step #5: Begin reading on

June 1.

   Our Summer Reading Program kids will be tracking the number of minutes they read. The end goal is to read at least 20 hours (1,200 minutes) to receive a SRP t-shirt and a ticket to the State Fair (hopefully). However, the library will also be giving away prizes to the “Top 10 Readers” so don’t stop reading at 20 hours!


   1. The OTL Summer Reading Program is COMPLETELY FREE IN 2020!

   2. WEEKLY FUN PACKETS! After signing up for the reading portion of the program, you are eligible for the “FUN PACKETS” that will be handed out every week. However, you must sign up EVERY WEEK BY WEDNESDAY to receive a fun packet for the following week. Sign up via email to: librarian4@ordlibrary.org.

   Packets will be ready starting at noon on Fridays. Reminders and all program information will be generated from the Reader Zone App to the email address you provide. Please make sure this email address is one you check frequently!

   3. The Fun Packets will vary each week but will have fairy tales to read, movie suggestions, dinner table discussions, crafts, science experiments, activity sheets, computer searches to do, snacks and weekly prizes. Most of the items needed to complete the projects will be in the packet, but there will be a few items you may need to supply from time to time - ie. Washable markers, glue sticks, eggs, dragon’s blood…pretty normal things.


   1. Read 20 hours and earn your SRP t-shirt and ticket to the State Fair.

   2. Read the most in your age group to win our top 10 prize bags.

   3. Earn your badges in the Reader Zone APP for five different drawings throughout the program.



   Things are still up in the air with how visitors will be managed at the library this summer. Working under the advisement of Loup Basin Health Department, it will all be determined by what course this pandemic takes. The library doors will be closed at least until May 31. This year’s summer reading program has been designed to limit the need to be in the library.

   After May 31, staff will work through a series of phases that will allow patrons back into the library, by making an appointment and using a doorbell. At first, time will be limited to 15-30 minute time slots and patrons will only be able to use the library to check out materials. Plan on limiting your contact with all surfaces in the library. The first hour of every opening day will be reserved for patrons who are 65+ and are considered “at risk”.

   The Ord Township Library  will continue to provide curbside service indefinitely. If you feel this is the safest way for your family to receive library services, the staff will respect that and are willing to work with you.

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