Ord High School FBLA Hosts Fourth Annual Career Day

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Approximately 84 junior high students and FBLA Members took part in the Ord High School Career Day.

By Lisa Fischer

    Ord High School (OHS) Junior High students took a break from their normal routine, the afternoon of Feb. 12, to learn about careers during the fourth annual Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Career Day.

   “Career Day gives our young people the opportunity to view different careers while they are at a career decision making age,” said Jennifer Remmereid, OHS FBLA Advisor. “It continues being a success because of the professionals that agree to share their story with our students and Ord Public School’s administration who allow us to host it.”

   OHS Career Day was part of FBLA Week regarding the promotion of business, entrepreneurship and technology. The week began on Mon. Feb. 10 with a chapter meeting; Tues. Feb. 11 included Teacher Appreciation Day where teachers were given donuts; Wed., Feb. 12 was Career Day and Thur., Feb. 13 students dressed for success by wearing business attire.

   Those presenting information about their respective careers spoke during three 20-minutes sessions. Presenters from Ord Public Schools, Chamber of Commerce, Country Partners, Valley County Health System, Bethel Baptist Church, The Ord Quiz, The Greeley Citizen, Dana F. Cole, KNLV, Economic Development and Shoemaker Hauling spent the allotted time sharing the details of their career and inspiring the 84 junior high students to make decisions about their own futures.

   FBLA members, Cooper Sheets, Grey Smith, Mariah Winchell and Sydney DeBoer, led the event that 25 OHS business students helped coordinate. These students introduced 15 professionals, kept track of time and were in charge of preparing the questions speakers answered and were later used during the trivia game that ended the event. Ord Elementary School Guidance Counselor Colin Lansman led the game that took place from 3-3:30 p.m. inside the school gym. The event split students into four groups: seventh grade girls, seventh grade boys, eighth grade girls and eighth grade boys. After Lansman asked a question about a Career Day speaker, students from each group were encouraged to be the first to raise their hand and answer the question correctly.                         

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The Knights of Columbus hosted a District free throw contest in Loup City Saturday at the high school. Free throw Champions, by age group, are as follows: nine year olds: Annie Stepanek, St. Paul and Casen Kavan, St. Paul; 10-year-olds: Lauren Mann, Burwell and Beau Wells, North Loup; 11-year olds: Morgan Rademacher, Loup City and Eli Jaixen, Loup City; 12-year olds: Leyton Paider, St. Paul; 13-year olds: Libby Ference, Loup City and Blake Hinrichs, Ord; 14-year-olds: Tad Kovarik, Ord and Natalie Pepiernik, Ord. The regional contest date and place is still to be determined.

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