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Local Shop Sponsors Charity Quilt Challenge

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Donna Streeter, owner and manager of Get Stitchy! Fabric and Yarn Shop in downtown Ord, is sponsoring a 30 Day Quilt Challenge to benefit charity.

By Kate Wolf
   March has been designated National Quilt Month, an event which began in Lincoln, NE as National Quilt Day but expanded to encompass the entire month and resulted in recognizing quilting as an art form. History is riddled with examples of how pioneer women turned bits and pieces of scrap fabric into beautiful testaments to their skill, resourcefulness and efficiency. Nothing was ever wasted.
   Donna Streeter, of Get Stitchy! Fabric and Yarn Shop located at 1510 J Street in downtown Ord, is eager to promote events she is passionate about that give back in some way to those less fortunate. Toward that end, Get Stitchy! Is sponsoring a 30 Day Quilt Challenge to benefit “Healing Hearts & Families”, a charity that provides free, confidential services for those impacted by dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking while bringing awareness and prevention efforts across eight central Nebraska counties, including Valley County. The charity offers a 24 hour Crisis Line, emergency shelter, transportation and other crisis services.
  For those talented quilters in our area, the Quilt Challenge rules include: (1)   Participants should register their quilt with Get Stitchy!, either in person at the shop, or by email at, or by phone at 308-730-1110. (2) The quilt should be a large throw size, approximately 52” x 72”. (3) You may do a scrappy quilt or pattern of your choice and use whatever fabric or colors you choose with ONE exception: Each quilt must contain the color GREEN in some aspect because green is the color of safety, harmony, growth, and health. (4) Get Stitchy! Will give a 30 percent discount on fabric, notions, and/or batting purchased in their shop for registered participants. (5) Quilts must be completed by Saturday, March 30, and will be on display at the Ord Township Library which will be open to the public. Please make sure your quilt includes your name. (6) The first ten quilts will be donated to “Healing Hearts & Families” Charity. Any over that number will be donated to Crossroads Mission in Kearney to benefit the homeless.
   You can register and get started on your quilt at any time but the entry must be completed by March 30. Please drop your completed quilt off at Get Stitchy! during regular business hours or at the Library on or before that date. For each new quilt donated, Get Stitchy! will donate $5 to the previously mentioned charity.

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