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About Us

The Ord Quiz was established April 6, 1882 by William W. Haskell. The newspaper boasts not missing an issue since it's inception – an achievement of over 140 years.


The Quiz is now in their 141st year of publication, which is currently printed at The Grand Island Independent. 

As of January, 2018, the Quiz moved from it's long-time location at 305 South 16th Street to 237 South 15th Street in Ord, NE.

That's a Funny Name!

In 1882, a weekly newspaper was launched in Ord, Nebraska . . . a settlement in Central Nebraska still beset by fear of Indian attack and protected by historic Fort Hartsuff.


Searching for a "new name" for his paper, the founder put together the letters QUIZ. His "new word" meant "to ask the populace." Shortly thereafter the word appeared in a dictionary – with the same meaning – and a battle ensued over who coined the word. We've printed proof that it appeared on our paper in our paper in April of 1882. To this day we have never heard of another newspaper called "The Quiz."


From this beginning a printing plant grew – expanded to a nationwide service in the early 30s. Most of the employees came from the farm to learn the printing and engraving business . . . sons and daughters of parents coming to this land from "the old country." They brought with them the same conscientious approach to fine craftsmanship that is reflected in today's printing.


Our "funny name" is OUR OWN. It's ours . . . just like our lives and our printing. We're proud . . . trying to carry on in the tradition of our forefathers!

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